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How to Secure a Portable Generator

How to Secure a Portable Generator

After spending a few days or a weekend camping and enjoying the outdoors, you head back home and realize that your portable generator is missing.

You may be asking yourself how this happened; after all, you were careful about where you left it.

As it turns out, there are several ways someone can make off with your generator without you even noticing.

This blog looks at a few different ways how to secure a portable generator to prevent it from being lifted when you are away.

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Why Protect a Generator?

There are several reasons why you might want to keep your portable generator secure. Perhaps the most practical reason is theft.

Portable generators can be an easy target for thieves who will swipe it from somewhere on your property and take it away before you have a chance to notice it’s gone.

A portable generator might also get taken during a home invasion if you’re targeted by someone looking to do some severe property damage.

By locking your generator, you can keep it from getting stolen or causing any damage if someone does break-in.

There are additional benefits as well, including protecting the environment. If your portable generator leaks gasoline or oil after being improperly stored or transported,

it can contaminate the ground or nearby water sources. If you want to be a responsible outdoor enthusiast, protect your generator.

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How to Secure a Portable Generator

There are several ways to protect your generator, including using a high-quality lock. You’ll also want to take into consideration where you decide to put it when not in use.

Here are some ways to ensure the safety of your generator:

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1. Securing Your Portable Generator with a Lock

A sturdy padlock will help keep your portable generator safe from would-be thieves.

However, not all locks are created equal. Some cheap locks are easy to open with just a wire hanger, which you don’t want happening to your generator.

When choosing a lock for your generator, consider getting one that uses an actual key instead of just a combination. A key will likely be more difficult to duplicate than a combination numbers.

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2. Protecting Your Portable Generator with a GPS Tracker

A portable generator is mobile and can be taken pretty far in a short amount of time, so it’s challenging to track down something that is gone missing unless you have some way to keep up with it.

A GPS tracker is a great way to keep track of your generator’s whereabouts and can be used as an excellent deterrent for thieves.

If you’re using the GPS tracker and someone tries to lift your generator, it will send you a message on your phone with its location. You can then mobilize authorities or family members to check out the area and retrieve your generator before it can be stolen.

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3. Consider a Generator Enclosure

If you want to keep your portable generator out of sight and secure it while still keeping it mobile, a generator enclosure might be the way to go.

A generator enclosure is essentially a cage that fits around your generator and has locks on all sides so no one can get in while the machine is in use.

The safe-and-sound enclosure is an excellent choice since it also provides weather protection and acts as a sound barrier to keep your generator from making noise when in use.

Getting the proper locks for your portable generator, whether it’s a keyed padlock or GPS tracking device, is only half of what you need to do to protect your equipment.

You’ll also want cages or enclosures to keep your generator safe from damage and secure from thieves.

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4. Get an Alarm System

A high-quality alarm system with motion sensors and a loud alarm will also help protect your generator.

Place the alarm strategically to see most of what is going on around the equipment, and then set it up to go off if there is any commotion or movement in that area.

Besides putting an actual lock on your portable generator, the best way to keep it safe is with an alarm system that sounds when anything near your generator moves or changes in any way.

These systems are always engaged but have a delayed warning, so that way, you’ll have time to get up and check things out before the siren goes off.

By being cautious of what happens around your portable generator, you’ll keep it safe from would-be thieves and prevent damage.

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5. How to Recover Your Portable Generator

Getting back a stolen portable generator can be a lot more complex than preventing the theft from happening in the first place.

However, there are measures you can take to increase your chances of bringing your generator home again.

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6. Mark The Serial Number of Your Generator

As soon as you take the serial number of your generator, mark it on all sides with a permanent marker.

This will make it easier to track down where the machine came from if it is stolen and taken into a shop or sold to someone who tries to sell it on Craigslist or eBay.

If you’re able to track down your generator, the first thing you’ll want to do is file a police report. This way, they will know that someone has stolen some of your property and be on alert for it.

Then call around and see if anyone has tried to sell your generator or anything like it at their business. Ask them for photos of the individual, so you have a face to be on the lookout for.

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7. How to Increase Your Chances of Retrieving Your Portable Generator

A GPS tracker is a good investment if you know that you’ll need to track down your generator once it’s gone missing.

With one of these trackers, you’ll be able to see precisely where your generator is at any time and what direction it’s headed in.

If the individual who took it isn’t careful about covering their tracks or traveling out of range, seeing where they are via GPS tracker can make all the difference in getting your equipment back.

Protecting your portable generator so it won’t get stolen and keeping track of where it is when it does go missing will help you keep your equipment safe.

With a well-made alarm system, proper locks, security cage or enclosure, and one of the various tracking devices, you’ll be able to protect against thieves while keeping your generator close.

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