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Affiliate Disclosure for Solrayo

Solrayo is a generator created by a team that’s passionate about power tools for people who are looking for the best information on generators. Our goal is to help you discover what generator model would be suitable for you by giving you information you can use to make informed purchased decision. As a reader-supported blog, we are required to make a clear disclosure statement so that you are aware whether we receive compensation from brands for sharing links or recommending their products.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Requirement

The Federal Trade Commission issued a set of disclosure compliance rules in 2015 as guidelines to ensure that visitors to websites and blogs understand whether publishers receive an endorsement, partnership, or sponsorship from various online companies.

With respect to its disclosure compliance, the FTC requires us to make it clear to our readers that we get a compensation for sharing links or recommending products to our audience. As a result, in accordance with the FTC’s guidelines, we recommend that you assume the following about the posts and links on Solrayo:

Some of the hyperlinks on Solrayo are affiliate hyperlinks. As a result, we receive a small portion of the proceeds from the sale of various products.

The Definition of an Affiliate Link

An affiliate link is a piece of text, a clickable image, or a button that, when clicked, takes a reader to another website where they can purchase goods or services.

When that user purchases a product, the external site considers it as a qualified purchase, and Solrayo receives a commission from the company for referring customers to their website.

The product’s price remains the same whether or not you use our recommended affiliate link. That means you get a product or service at the standard price with no additional costs or hidden fees.

On Solrayo, there are two types of affiliate links:

Amazon Affiliate Links

Solrayo is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites, as well as to other websites that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

Affiliate Links to Third Party Websites

Where appropriate, Solrayo will provide links to generator related products as recommendations to help you find them without spending too much time on research. When you click those links and make a purchase, we will receive a small commission or other form of compensation, depending on the agreement between Solrayo and our affiliate partners.

It’s important to remember that the prices of the products we recommend do not change if you purchase them through the affiliate links on this website.

Sponsored Content

We never write articles for pay-per-click advertising. We make every effort to publish accurate and unbiased information. However, we will reveal information about any brand that wishes to submit sponsored content to the Boots and Pine website.

More importantly, we only recommend accessories that we use ourselves – or that we believe will be of great value and benefit to you.

What Do We Do With Earnings Receive by Solrayo?

At Solrayo, we have a goal, which is to become a go-to platform where you can learn about everything related to generators and relevant accessories.

We need to invest time and money to achieve this goal, which is why we participate in affiliate marketing and other forms of monetization. The money we earn will allow us to:

  • Pay for domain registration and hosting.
  • Invest in content marketing tools required to conduct topic research. It costs us money to come up with content ideas. Otherwise, it will be nearly impossible to create content that our audience will want to read.
  • Pay our in-house team to test, research, and review various footwear products with our target audience in mind.

Final Words

In terms of product recommendations for Solrayo readers, it’s important to understand the following:

  • We will only recommend products that we have used or researched thoroughly enough to believe are worthy of inclusion on this website.
  • Every post on Solrayo only features products that are relevant to the post’s purpose. This is true regardless of whether the site receives a commission or not.

You are welcome to contact our team if you believe that one or more of the products that we recommend on the site are not a good fit for our audience.   

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